Collabion Charts For SharePoint

Convert all your data in SharePoint into interactive charts. Choose from over 50 chart types, available in 2D and 3D. Easily configure the visual look & feel of chart, add your brand logos, apply filters and grouping, add drill-downs, and export Excel or PowerpPoint, when required.

Explore all the features and chart types of Collabion Charts below.

Explore use-cases

Simple Charts

3D Charts with interactivity

Grouping your data

Adding Drill-downs

Branding your charts

Export to Excel and PowerPoint

Explore chart types

Column and Bar Charts

Pie and Doughnut Charts

Combination Charts

Stacked Charts

Scrollable Charts

Zoom-able Charts

Spline Charts

Waterfall Charts

Pareto Charts

Funnel and Pyramid Charts

Radar/Spider Charts

Bubble Charts

Marimekko Chart

XY Plot Charts

Logarithmic-axis Charts